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Self-Detailing Amenities at Big Dan’s Car Wash

Detailing Tools

Convenient and free with your car wash — or the Unlimited Car Wash Plan of your choosing — our range of self-detailing amenities at Big Dan’s elevate your cleaning experience beyond the basics. Whether you’re looking to make your dash shine like new, eliminate dirt from nooks and slender recesses, or clean out your door panels, explore the tools you’ll have at your fingertips when you choose Big Dan’s for all of your car wash needs.

icon depicting the free car vacuums at Big Dan's Car Wash
Self-Service Car Vacuums

Remove dirt, dust, crumbs, and more from your vehicle’s interior with our powerful self-service vacuums for an ultra-fresh finish that matches your car’s newly cleaned exterior.

icon depicting a bundle of car cleaning materials, including towels and solutions
Self-Service Car Mat Cleaners

Our state-of-the-art car mat cleaners can help you save time and streamline your interior detailing process. Simply remove the mats from your car and get started for a quick, thorough clean!

icon depicting a nozzle and hose, blowing out air, to signify the the free self-service car wash amenities at Big Dan's
Self-Service Compressed Air

Make light work of cleaning dust and dirt from hard-to-reach places like vents and wheel wells with our compressed air tools.

icon of a roll of microfiber towels surrounded by bubbles, depicting free wash amenities at Big Dan's Car Wash
Window Cleaning Solution

Our self-service window cleaning solution is perfect for polishing up mirrors and keeping your view crystal clear.

icon of nozzle and hose with bubbles, depicting car wash solution
Interior Cleaning Solution

Say goodbye to dashboard dust and swap grime for shine with our interior cleaning solution that’s designed for multiple surfaces.

icon of microfiber towels for car washing
Microfiber towels

Cleaning solutions are always best when paired with the right tool. Our microfiber cloth towels combine a soft, non-abrasive texture that’s gentle on delicate surfaces and high absorbency that can handle even the toughest jobs.

Wash Plans

Signature Wash

The Auto-Graphx5





Includes Dynamic Ceramic+

  • Graphene Carbon Coating
  • C4 Rain Repel
Premium Wash

Dynamic Ceramic





Includes Wax It+

  • 3-Step Ceramic Coating
  • Micro Dry
Enhanced Wash

Wax It





Includes Shine It+

  • Fusion Wax
  • Fusion Seal
Standard Wash

Shine It





  • Rain Repel | Tire Shine
  • Bug Blast | Quick Dry

Multiple Vehicles?

With the unlimited family plan, you can add additional vehicles to your membership and receive 25% off each additional membership.

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