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Free Self-Service Vacuums at Big Dan’s Car Wash

A car sits at Big Dan's Self-Service car wash station, which features car detailing tools. Palm trees and a blue sky are in the background.

Self-Service Vacuums

At Big Dan’s Car Wash, we understand that a thorough car cleaning isn’t limited to the exterior. That’s why we offer complimentary self-service vacuums with every wash — to give you the power to freshen up your car’s interior with ease. We provide vacuums with wide and narrow heads to make cleaning the interior easy. Our self-service vacuums can tackle a wide range of interior debris, from crumbs and pet hair to general dust and dirt. Just park your car in the designated area, grab the vacuum hose, and get to work.

An African American man smiles while he uses the free vacuums at Big Dan's Car Wash to clean his car's black leather interior.

Self-Service Car Vacuuming Tips

To make the most of your cleaning session, begin by using the compressed air to force any small or hard-to-reach debris into more open areas. Then use our vacuums to remove debris from the seats and the floor area. You can use our free floor mat cleaners to save some time, so you’ll want to remove those from your vehicle before starting. Then, use the vacuum’s various attachments to tackle every nook and cranny of your vehicle’s interior. Don’t forget to reach under the seats and into tight spaces. We also recommend moving methodically and slowly, allowing the vacuum to effectively lift away dirt and debris. The final result? A clean, fresh, and comfortable interior that complements your car’s pristine exterior.

Discover the convenience and satisfaction of our self-service vacuums at Big Dan’s Car Wash and elevate your car cleaning routine today!

Free Self-Detailing Amenities

icon depicting the free car vacuums at Big Dan's Car Wash
Free vacuum stations
icon of microfiber towels for car washing
Free microfiber towels
icon depicting a nozzle and hose, blowing out air, to signify the the free self-service car wash amenities at Big Dan's
Free compressed air
icon of a roll of microfiber towels surrounded by bubbles, depicting free wash amenities at Big Dan's Car Wash
Free window cleaner
icon depicting a bundle of car cleaning materials, including towels and solutions
Free mat cleaners
icon of nozzle and hose with bubbles, depicting car wash solution
Free interior cleaner

Wash Plans

Signature Wash

The Auto-Graphx5





Includes Dynamic Ceramic+

  • Graphene Carbon Coating
  • C4 Rain Repel
Premium Wash

Dynamic Ceramic





Includes Wax It+

  • 3-Step Ceramic Coating
  • Micro Dry
Enhanced Wash

Wax It





Includes Shine It+

  • Fusion Wax
  • Fusion Seal
Standard Wash

Shine It





  • Rain Repel | Tire Shine
  • Bug Blast | Quick Dry

Multiple Vehicles?

With the unlimited family plan, you can add additional vehicles to your membership and receive 25% off each additional membership.

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